This Shirt Doesn’t Make Sense and Neither Does This Apple T Shirt

by on September 10, 2010

Pure nonsense for your wearing pleasure. Are you down with absurdity? If so, this shirt with the random words and the blue fire hydrant referred to as an “apple” will be right up your alley.

Either you’re born with the absurdity gene or you are not born with the absurdity gene. I would say 6% of the US population has it with only 25% of those actually admitting. That still a significant pool of people that will appreciate This Shirt Doesn’t Make Sense and Neither Does this Apple T Shirt.

Maybe this is your time to come out of the nonsense closet. Could be the best thing you ever did for your soul. A heavy burden lifted. You may be ostracized. And friends, relatives, co-workers may say things like “it’s like I don’t even know you any more.” But, that’s ok. There’s no more living a lie.

You are out! The real you has been born and exposed to the world.

So, as you can see, Torso Pants deals in a lot of healing work with t shirts. Support this powerful mission.

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