This Person Accepts High Fives From Strangers T Shirt

by on July 3, 2012

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This is kind of funny. Not everyone does accept the high fives from strangers so it’s good to spell it out up front, so the high fiver feels comfortable. I mean, you never know when something awesome is going to happen and you’re going to need to high five. Sporting events are pretty obvious places to be ready to accept and give out high fives. But, what about weddings? The bride and groom might want to celebrate in this way.

How about finding a great deal on your favorite sandwich cookies in the grocery store. You can’t keep all that happy emotion inside. You’ll burst. Wouldn’t it be helpful if that other person in the aisle with you had this shirt, so you could raise your arm and approach them for celebration without any trepidation at all. If you would like that, it stands to reason others would to, so do something good for the planet and get this tee, designed by Wondermark, from Topatoco.

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