Hammer and Nails This is Not a Drill Tshirt

by on May 14, 2010

No shit. It’s a hammer and nails. Drill is more gun shaped. Has a bit, some adjustment buttons, a power button, and may or may not have a chord depending on whether it’s cordless or not. This is obviously one of the most common tools in the world, the hammer, not a drill, so why even put that on a shirt. Can you believe this? Who’s going to buy this?

Oh, wait. Maybe we got ourselves a little wordplay. You hear this line in the movies, when there’s something horrific about to happen and the dude on the PA is trying to alert everybody to take evasive action. And, so, they don’t get all sloppy or just role their eyes about another early morning exercise, there’s a explanatory language: “This is not a drill.” All of a sudden the grabass games are over, the heart starts pumping, and people are moving and hopefully not panicking.

Now, if you’re wearing the This is Not a Drill T-shirt during one of these situations, you may be able to instill a bit of levity into in otherwise terrifying situation, which might be just enough to hold everything together and accomplish what desperately needs to get done. Save the platoon. Be prepared. Get this shirt BEFORE you NEED it.

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