This is My Skinny Dipping Shirt T Shirt

by on February 8, 2011

This shirt is goofy and broad humor and has enough weirdness to qualify as not bad to almost pretty good. First of all, it ain’t skinny dipping if you have a shirt on, so I’m going to give it points for that. Also, if you are completely naked except for the shirt, then your ass is showing, which is either funny, gross, or awesome, so I’m going to give points for that as well. Third, I like the letters filling up with swamp water green. Makes you think even more of creepy crawly things sneaking up orifices as you have freed yourself of your clothes shackles and alighted on the body of water as nude as the day you were born (except for the shirt). That is another point. That’s three points. I know I started out kind of luke warm on the This is My Skinny Dipping Shirt, but after further analysis I have to give it three thumbs up.

Good job Busted Tees though where do you live that skinny dipping is even a thought this time of year. Skinny ice skating maybe.

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