This is My Clone T Shirt

by on September 3, 2010

This is kind of funny. Kind of the ultimate don’t have to take responsibility for what happens during the crazy ass alcohol-fueled evenings that young people and old call partying and good times. You know before you even go out what kind of mood you’re in. What kind of trouble you’re capable of getting into. What kind of bender you’re going to tie on.

So, if the needle is in the red, might as well pull out the old This is My Clone T Shirt and make a joke of the whole sordid affair. Especially, when you go blackout drunk and people ask why you did those things with the carrots, you can just point to the puke encrusted shirt in the corner of your room and shrug.

Oh wait, just make sure you don’t do anything cool that you might want to take credit for. Important point!

Torso Pants has been making up viable excuses for binge drinkers for 91 years and counting. Amazing.

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