Third Grade Lied I Never Use Cursive T Shirt

by on January 13, 2011

Well, I can only speak for myself on this, and, yes, it’s true, I never use cursive. Ever. Hell, I barely write at all and can tell when I do, because it looks and feels like I’m a palsied Rhesus monkey trying to write a phone message down for a co-worker or what not. Maybe I should have stuck with the cursive rather than print. Maybe my writing wouldn’t be worse than a physician’s on a prescription.

What’s your handwriting like? Do you have impressive penmanship? Do you use cursive? Leave a comment please, I’m lonely.

Oh, and go and purchase Third Grade Lied I Never Use Cursive T Shirt because it speaks my truth and your truth (I’m assuming). If it doesn’t speak your truth buy it for a friend for whom it does. They’ll be eternally grateful.

Snorg Tees with more proof they have the finger on the pulse. Impressive.

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