Things Clarissa Explained Nothing T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on April 10, 2012

Don’t know what this is from and it has to be from something right? Busted Tees wouldn’t just knock out a design with super random words and a goofy Venn Diagram for shits and giggles and not have a pop culture reference to tie it too. Would they? Alright…let me check.

Does it have to do with this The Paramedic – Clarissa Didn’t Explain This song from 2011…which is like a corny death metal mixed with pop wanker mixed with half-assed house, which is basically a super collider collision of the worst music in the history of the world. I almost didn’t shut this off soon enough. Nearly, reached for a bottle of sleeping pills instead. Not sure I want to live in a world where this song exists.

If you like this song and you’re strongly considering buying this things Clarissa Explained t shirt, then you totally know I’m totally kidding. That song kicks the ass of every other song that ever existed.

Oh thank heavens, I did a little more digging and it looks like the worst band of all time…The Paramedic was just referencing a terrible 90s show on Nickelodeon called Clarissa Explained It All.

Of course, if you loved the show and that’s why this shirt appeals to you, then I loved the show too and you should totally take the plunge and get this one. Totally! Then again, it’s kind of slapping Clarissa in the face, because It All doesn’t make the diagram.

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