There Will Be Bacon T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 2, 2012

Nice little play on the There Will Be Blood movie title, which was a movie I liked a lot. So, the question is…does this cheapen the film by inserting a popular food meme into the title. I say, Daniel Day Lewis’ performance was too good for any such There Will Be Bacon T Shirt to sully it, even if that shirt from Snorg Tees sells 42 million units as projected.

Anyway, if you are an optimist and see only positive momentum in 2012, then you probably say this all the time about bacon. Why? Because when there is basically a guarantee of bacon in your future, there really is nothing else to worry about. Forget the Mayan calendar. There Will Be Bacon!

Screw the financial terrorism and destruction of the global economy as we know it…there will be bacon.

I don’t think like that, which is exactly why I need to wear this t-shirt. It will help me overcome my negativity and cynicism.

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