There are 3 Ninjas on this Shirt Try to Find Them T Shirt

by on November 10, 2010

Can anybody get enough Ninja stuff? I can’t because it’s mysterious and funny all wrapped up into one. I wonder who started using ninja for humor, because that person deserves a hearty pat on the back and a two-handed handshake and a frosty mug of kombucha drink.

They also need to receive the There are 3 Ninjas on this Shirt Try to Find Them T Shirt in honor of their magnanimous service to Earth and its peoples.

Snorg Tees is following in the tradition of the classic Ninja humor and it is rich. There are actually no ninjas on the shirt, but in wearing the garment you have encouraged people to closely examine your upper torso, which is often times what you’re looking for on a lonely Tuesday night at the neighborhood watering hole.

I want to tell you about a very important channel on YouTube called Ask a Ninja. There is so much wisdom in that channel that you can glean for your own enrichment, it’s actually pretty ridiculous. Watch a few of the videos and just let the knowledge of the Universe wash over you.

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