The Time is Now Pigs Fly T Shirt

by on October 10, 2011

I prefer to think that the designer of this The Time is Now Pigs Fly T Shirt is an astute historian that stumbled upon mesages of great people of the past that spoke of this great country of ours, saying things like “bankers will take control of the world and blow up the United States with all kinds of dirty dealings, and not a single one of them will suffer a perp walk…when pigs fly.”

So, this artist read that and said, the pigs are flying high and proud with the wings of angels, and hot shit aviator goggles.

Then, Snorg Tees understood the subtle beauty of the message and printed the damn thing up before you can say, “The Great Depression was a picnic with pretty hippies blowing bubbles and strawberry shortcake compared to what’s coming.”

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