The Princess Bride The Classic Blunders T Shirt

by on September 19, 2011

I thought this was some 8-bit video game reference to like Oregon Trail or something. Then I thought about it for another seven seconds and totally realized it was a quote from The Princess Bride. Let the record show, I did not need Google to figure this out.

Look I can totally name the characters who were in this scene…the bald lispy dude is….uh…just a second…my keyboard is stuck…Vizzini and the handsome blonde hero is of course the guy named…oh it’s so obvious…Westley, of course obviously, no duh. Who cares about the chick. Just kidding. That’s The Princess Bride, Buttercup. Ask me anything about that film. I’ve seen it one and a half times at least. I’m on fire.

Anyways, this The Classic Blunders T Shirt says:

#1 – Never Get Involved In a Land War in Asia
#2 – Never Go Against a Sicilian When Death is On the Line

It would be inconceivable if Snorg Tees didn’t pop out a tee from The Princess Bride every once in a while.

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