The Princess Bride Hope Poster Prepare to Die Inigo T-shirt

by on August 7, 2011

Imagine this, you’re at your high school reunion and you are wearing this T Shirt, hidden under a smart jacket. And just as you come face to face with your biggest enemy/bully/girlfriend-stealing-ex-best-friend you casually open up the jacket and reveal the words on this T Shirt to your hapless adversary. Now see them shiver in their shoes, scurry away and spend the rest of the evening avoiding you.

That is what this classic line by Inigo Montoya from the cult hit ‘The Princess Bride’ can do for you. Or it can do it for your biggest enemy, unless you get it first.

Order the Prepare to Die T Shirt, even if you are slightly put off by the Obama Hope Poster reference. If you aren’t, and actually like the art, then go ahead and order a whole bunch and deck out your posse.

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The best The Princess Bride T Shirts will make you weep tears of joy and tenderness.

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