The Oneders The Pantones T Shirt

by on September 13, 2011

Another mashup and this is funny because The Oneders was the band in the movie, That Thing You Do, and their logo was a bunch of colorful swatches. Now, you have this The Pantones T Shirt with the swaths of color and a the Pantone code for the colors, which is how designers and printers and those that work with color determine the exact match.

Busted Tees mashing it up like a potato on the Fourth of July. Actually, that would more likely be potato salad rather than mashed potatoes so that’s not a good example. Mashing it up like Lakefront Brewery on any given week night? The mash is a pre-beer liquid that arises midway through the brewing process. That was a stretch and I give up, and that’s why you should get the shirt.

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