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by on February 15, 2012

Little play on words or wordplay as they say in the business. You see there’s this show called The Office, which is an American version of a popular British show. And, on that show, an actor by the name of Steve Carrell played a dude that used to say “That’s what she said,” after people would say stuff that could be twisted into a sexual meaning. For instance..

“that is a huge cock (looking at a large rooster of course)”…”that’s what she said.”

“It needs to be done faster”…”that’s what she said.”

“The paper is jammed”…”that’s what she said.”

“You missed the deadline”…”that’s what she said.”

“Let’s eat lunch”…”that’s what she said.”

Now, the twist is throwing the word sheep in there. Now you have sexuality combined with beast, which makes bestiality, which is always a hoot, even if sheep can’t really formulate words. Their eyes tell the whole story.

So, get the That’s What Sheep Said T Shirt and be happy that you know all of this wonderful television information you didn’t know before you made the excellent decision to visit this blog.

Look At Me Shirts is not located in New Zealand but they know a helluva lot about sheep…obviously.

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