The Office That’s What She Said T Shirt

by on November 23, 2010

Here’s another variation of that completely classic That’s What She Said line from The Office. You can’t get enough. I can’t get enough. She can’t get enough (TWSS….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). This will live on in infamy for the rest of all of our lives. Whoo hoo. Actually, seems kind of stupid on the surface but if you start doing it with a friend, it’s totally addictive and totally mind blowingly stupid hilarious. Sometimes you need this kind of a blow out in your life. Total goofy, dumb, laugh, cobweb clear out. Do you agree?

Buying the That’s What She Said T Shirt will actually help you remember to do this on a consistent basis and that’s huge. So, what I’m saying is this shirt from Busted Tees will probably add 5-7 years to your life…good years I might add, not those shitting in your pants and listening to minimum wage wheelchair pushers tell you that this is Miss Farfenheigel and she is nice, so say “hi.” I’m talkin’ most interesting man in the world shit.

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