The Narc – I’d Like to Buy Some Drugs T Shirt

by on May 2, 2012

Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

I love the direction Headline Shirts is going with this I’d Like to Buy Some Drugs T Shirt. It’s supra funny, because the phrasing sounds so corny and stilted. It’s a perfect way to portray a narc or mole at a party. They’re trying to find the dealer. They’re trying to fit in. They’re asking around. One tip to make it seem more natural man with the wire on his chest: ask for the drug you’d like to buy by name, preferably the street name. Heroin = horse. Marijuana = fun grass. Cocaine = booger sugar.

You get the idea. Ecstasy = horny. Meth = toothless. Acid = pink marmalade. Get a book on urban drug culture and make it reals you know.

This is a fabulously funny shirt to wear anywhere, and you look so obviously not like a narc, you will probably actually get all sorts of unseemly offers for mind-altering, body-spazzing pills, powders, baggies, and paste. And, what non-cop person doesn’t want that? Was that a double negative? I’m not sure what that really meant. Whatever.

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