The Name’s Bond Ionic Bond T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on March 5, 2012

Nice little play on words here. This The Name’s Bond…Ionic Bond Taken Not Shared T Shirt is quite clever, and I don’t even understand science at all. Or James Bond movies for that matter, except that I know he’s a dapper dude just like the well-coiffed and tuxed up dude on the shirt. I’m going to do a little ionic bond research, so I can fill out this post with germane detail to make your funny bone tingle.

Okay, here’s the straight dope on an Ionic Bond in 20 seconds. You’re gonna no more than your ugly uncle by the time you finish that video.

Snorg Tees making the funny science shirts to please you to no end. Did it work? Do you love it? Are you an academic nerd that like to have a good time?

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