The Muppets Muppantones T Shirt

by on April 22, 2012

The Muppets are those puppets that Jim Henson (God Rest His Soul) invented in the 1970s and that just had a resurgence in the last year with the New Muppet movie coming out. This Muppantones T Shirt is quite an odd way to celebrate that fact and the goofy fun the Muppets provide.

Pantones, of course, are the different codes for all the shades of color on Earth. You run into them if you do graphic design and printing and maybe perhaps painting (not sure about that, but it would seem to sort of make sense). These days a lot of color stuff is digitized, so you plug the code into the computer and, boop, you have the color you want.

All of the different color chips on this shirt correspond to the color of a character on the Muppets:

– Kermit is green.
– Gonzo is blue.
– Animal is red.
– Ms. Piggy is pink.
– Fozzie is orange.
– Rowlf is brown.

Pretty clever stuff from Headline Shirts right here. I commend them on producing an obvious Muppets shirt without ever saying The Muppets!

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