The Internet is For Lovers T Shirt

by on June 15, 2008

the-internet-is-for-lovers-teeIf you’re like me (and I’m sure you are) sometimes you get tired of all the random humor on these crazy tshirts these kids wear now-a-days. It’s about time we got back to some good ol’ homespun truths like The Internet is for Lovers.

It’s sweet, succinct and universally acknowledged.

So, really. Get the Internet is for lovers tshirt. Consider it an act of good will. Brighten your co-worker’s or neighbor’s day with a happy reminder.

Just like Niagra Falls back in the day, The Internet is for Lovers.

Perfect for dating site trolls, erectile dysfunction spammers, fat men posing as sorority girls in chat rooms, and late night one-handed surfers.

Get the scoop on the Nerdy Shirts, yo.

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