The History of Lighting T Shirt

by on January 26, 2012

So, it all started with fire and the torch, then there was the candle, the gas lamp, electric light. Last year was compact fluorescent. And, this year we’re back at fire. I think what they’re saying here is that it’s all fallin’ apart. The grids gonna crack. The American dream is fading. Beeswax and paraffin are becoming scarce. And, we’re back to lighting shit with fire.

Actually, my preferred analysis is that the torch represents revolution, as in marching to Washington and Wall St. with pitchforks and torches, and not leaving ’til things change and this country reverts back to being governed for the people by the people, instead of for the corporation by the corporation.

Actually, I think it’s a commentary on the terrible light the florescents put out. Full spectrum my ass. I don’t care if it uses 1/80th of the energy, it’s horrible light. I’d rather have a smoky, smelly torch lighting the place.

Which is why you should get this The History of Lighting T Shirt right now, so you can say you knew what was going down before it goes down. Hurry, it’s going down.

Headlines Shirts knows it’s going down and so do you. MF Global steals customer funds. Jaime Dimon still walks this Earth. More people than Newt Gingrich’s immediate family think he’s a viable Republican nominee. Nicki Minaj still has a music career. People still treat their lawns with pesticides. It’s 42 degrees in Milwaukee in the dead of Winter. My gas-efficient car barely gets 30 MPG in 2012. A small group of people in a back room are making up some, not even remotely plausible, reason for going to war with Iran. And I have the rickets…wait that doesn’t have anything to do with it. But still…it’s going down.

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