The Hangover One Man Wolfpack T Shirt

by on December 29, 2010

This was a spectacular speech by Alan Garner and should be celebrated at every turn. Before he met his Vegas buddies he was a one man wolfpack, but now that he’s made the road trip and about to have a spectacular night, there will be more in his wolfpack. Very moving. Very powerful. That’s why everybody loves Alan, The Hangover, and the One Man Wolfpack T Shirt. It’s inspirational like Vince Lombardi.

People will disagree and say “no, no…it’s the humor, the goofy sincerity, and the social retardation that makes it funny but I disagree. Why don’t we ask Busted Tees why they felt like this was a shirt that needed to be printed? Didn’t think so.

Go look at the clip on YouTube to be inspired.

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