The Evolution of Norris T Shirt from Rizzo Tees

by on March 11, 2012

You get a lot of the evolution shirts in the funny t shirt world…some of them good and some not so good. This The Evolution of Norris T Shirt is on the far end of the good spectrum. Chuck Norris on the Internet is a phenomenon and this tee does nothing to diminish the considerable cachet.

Rizzo Tees put this together so you congratulate them on putting it together so well, what with the red hair and beard and fantastic kicking motion. And let’s not forget the right arm ready for a punch if required, though that particular kick looks pretty deadly.

It is reasonable to think the evolution got to a point where man was using a spear, then there was a little minute where he wasn’t, but then man decided they needed weaponry. Boom. Norris is on the scene.

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