The Bull and the Bee Tee

by on December 27, 2009

This shirt has a joie de vivre that makes it totally eligible for Funny Tshirt of the Day status. A bull blowing a bubble. A bee threatening to pop that bubble. Those are the random sort of shenanigans that we fully, 100% endorse here.

On a side note: that looks like one of those sad, muscled up psycho bulls they’re doing now with the steroids and the hormones. You know the ones with the double muscles. Actually, I think they’re doing it to the cows to boost milk production, but you have to believe that once the cows are double pumped and ripped that they’re not going to settle for some mediocre bull.

Nope. They want Bull Adonis and Arnold, and if this image is any indication, they’re getting it. Farmers didn’t realize how much farm budget was going to go to drugging up the bulls, ‘cuz of what they did to the cows. Unintended consequences, baby. Using technology to mess with nature can get scary.

But, the point of this shirt is tiny bee ain’t scared of massive bull because he’s in a position of power. Bull is at his mercy and we all love a bubble popper. Profess your hate for drug addled bovines. Wear The Bull and the Bee T-shirt.

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