The Breakfast Club I Love Bad Boys T Shirt

by on August 9, 2011

How many of us angsty Gen-Xers remember when John Hughes made teen movies that really TALKED to us. I mean, The Breakfast Club really was the shiznit. If you saw it, you got it. Don’t you forget about me hey hey hey hey! And who’s the character we all remember most? Admit it, it’s John Bender. I saw this tee on TV Store Online, and I just wanna throw it on, and set the toe of my Adidas sneaker on fire to light my cig. Maybe we can get the prom queen impregnated!

And what can I say? It’s BENDER, man! Right there with his leather glove, just getting ready to ask if Barry Manilow knows that Principal Vernon raids his wardrobe, and then probably give ol’ Vernon the finger.

Just like Bender himself would say: hey, if you don’t get this Bender I <3 Bad Boys tee, you might as well face it, you’re a Neo-Maxi Zum-Dweebie!

TV Store Online is an Upper-Midwest company, and though it’s not in Chicago like the Breakfast Club was, it’s not far from Detroit, which I’d guess is close enough for Bender.

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