The Big Lebowski Urban Achievers Lebowski 420 T-shirt

by on August 2, 2011

Every stoner celebrates 420, and every proud stoner wears a shirt to commemorate the day. So, pay homage to The Dude: Lebowski played by Jeff Bridges and pickup a The Big Lebowski Urban Achievers Lebowski 420 T-shirt. People will flock around you to ask if they could join Lebowski’s Little Urban Achievers, but we know that in reality they just want another toke or a light.

Advertise the fact that your collage is being paid for by someone else, say Lebowski, code for: your parents. Or, perhaps you’re more like The Dude who just hasn’t got around to collage studies, yet. Either way, chill out and enjoy your 420 wearing this styling tee. Regardless, it is bound to be a conversation starter and may lead up to a viewing of the film it plays tribute to: The Big Lebowski.

Props and shout out to TV Store Online for coming out with this gnarly T-shirt.

If you can believe it. The Big Lebowski T Shirts are all over the place, because the movie happens to be infinitely quotable.

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