by on August 1, 2011

the dude abides face t shirt THE BIG LEBOWSKI The Dude T Shirtbuy now button yellow THE BIG LEBOWSKI The Dude T ShirtHEY EVERYONE! Have you ever wanted to be THE DUDE, THE GUY, THE MAN. Remember in High school when there was that guy who never seemed to accomplish anything but seemed like he had the answers to everything and a part of us wanted what he had. Well, Jeff Bridges is that guy in The BIG LEBOWSKI. The Dude has no idea what’s really going on around him. The kind of guy who spends his free time smoking weed and listening to tapes of his own past bowling triumphs on his Walkman, the Dude’s laid-back, pacifistic stance toward life is fully expressed by his two favorite phrases, “Take it easy , man,” and “When something goes wrong, fuck it.”

HEY MAN! Take a blast into the past and become that guy get The Dude Abides T-Shirt at TV Store Online and become that guy that everyone really wants to be; THE DUDE.

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