The Big Lebowski Autobahn Nagelbett T Shirt

by on July 30, 2011

The Dude likes Autobahn. Why wouldn’t you? Autobahn was the fictional German techno-pop band of the nihilists headed by Uli Kunkel. Their album, titled Nagelbett,is German and means nail bed.  The band was a parody of an actual band from the ’70s named Kraftwerk. Autobahn takes its name from one of their albums and the album art in the movie is similar to the real band’s.

Don this T Shirt and get instant respect from the mass of The Big Lebowski fans and silent approval from those out of the loop. “Hey check out the guy with cool obscure musical tastes!” Autobahn’s memorable tune repeated “We believe in nothing”.  Believe this, TV Store Online wants to add some style to your life.

Black with maroon lettering this shirt is distressed and fitted for a vintage look. 100% cotton for a comfortable fit.

Abide by the dude and the snatch this Autobahn Nagelbett T shirt!

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