The Awesome Meter Never Lies T Shirt

by on December 15, 2010

What is fantastically awesome about this shirt is that the meter actually does change according to who puts it on. It’s like one of those mood rings. Seriously, it is high tech metaphysical wizardry, and you just hope you tip the scale at awesome. Actually, I’d probably wear it at wicked and even cool, which looks to be right in the middle of the bell curve. I’d take a moment before I went outside if it said meh, and if it was pointing to weak, I’d probably crawl back in bed.

When, I first started that synopsis on The Awesome Meter Never Lies T Shirt, I was thinking it always read the same for an individual, but as I continued to write I figured out that it probably adjusts for your awesomeness swings. That would be a better shirt, and one that would help a lot in making decisions. Should I go up and talk to that girl, let me look at the meter. Ooops. Meh. I ain’t getting anywhere like that.

Whatever. It’s a cutting edge shirt from Snorg Tees and you should buy it promptly as a holiday gift for you and yours.

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