The Amazing Brewdini T Shirt

by on January 24, 2009

brewdini-tshirtWhat a silly, silly tshirt and yet it appeals to me. I think it’s the guys outfit. Flowing scarf, crisp jacket, white blowse and an absolutely stunning top hat. Brewdini has it going on and his magic is strong. Plus, he takes his imbibing absolutely serious…you can see it in his grip.

It’s mystical. It’s biological. It the magical, mystery tour of ingesting and excreting, live and on stage. Get your tickets to the show. Now! Or simply purchase the tshirt that says:

The Amazing Brewdini: Watch as I Turn Beer into Urine.

And to counter the goofiness, get serious and go read up on becoming a brewmaster, which requires among other things, study of biochemistry and mathematics.

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