That’s What Grandma Said Tshirt

by on February 10, 2010

Let me explain this shirt for a second. You have that show, The Office, where they always say “That’s what she said” in a sort of sexually overt way. It’s crazy how many phrases can sort of make sense with TWSS. Now, That’s What Grandma Said Shirt takes it a step further. It’s not some anonymous woman that could be a  mistress, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife or a whore.

It’s your gramma. Now, depending, god rest all the deceased grandma’s souls, on whether or not you have 0 or 1 or 2 or more in the case of step ma’s, there are only a few people on god’s green earth that you are alluding to when you drop a TWGS. And, that, my friend is why this is comedy gold. Oh, and the fact that your sort of joking about your gramma’s whorish sexual behavior.

Best of luck explaining this on that detailed family tree, lovingly reproduced on bonafide parchment paper.

Did some one say “I could go for a Nerdy Shirt and a small order of french fries?

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