Tessier Ashpool T Shirt

by on February 27, 2013


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If you’re into William Gibson’s Neuromancer, then you know where this tee is coming from, and I don’t have to pull out my subliminal tricks to get you hot and bothered and ready to pull out your credit card. You’ve already done it.

For the rest of you, I’ll admit, I have never read the book, but the design is awesome. That distressed orange-yellow on the charcoal tee stock is certainly visually appealing. So, there’s that.

And, if you run into a science fiction nerd while wearing it, look out. They will probably try to touch you (gingerly at first).

No matter what, if you don’t know Gibson’s work, you should probably research this dude and his seminal work, Neuromancer, which he published in 1984. It’s in the cyberpunk genre for godssake.

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