Terrorist Dictator Justin Bieber Checklist T Shirt from T-Shirt Hell

by on October 24, 2011

This shirt is so good I don’t know what to do with myself. Yeah, it might be a little distasteful, because the US and friends have been on a tear just killin’ the shit out of terrorists and dictators, which might not be quite the road we really want to go down in terms of bloodlust and powers-that-be choosing who’s arbitrarily dying, but…it’s funny when the next on the hitlist is a shitty Canadian teeny bopper phenomenon like Justin Bieber.

That is just a classic wingdinger T-shirt Hell pulled on this shirt. Talk about one thing, then bam…hit ’em with the funny out of nowhere. That’s why you need to get the Justin Bieber Checklist T Shirt.

I suppose now I should get into Bieber bashing and talking about how the adoring prepubescent girls are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, because they are identifying with their horrid capture, but that really just muddies the perfect humor on this tee.

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