Teiam Player T Shirt

by on January 5, 2011

This is the one to where to practice if your coach regularly busts out the trite bullshit when trying to motivate your club. The no “I” in team thing is played out. He’ll totally get a kick out of this shirt, especially if, and I’m assuming you’re a basketball player here, you go ahead and pull an Allen Iverson, and never pass the ball. Every time you touch it it’s goin’ up. If the coach looks at you sideways, point at the shirt and keep up the good work. What can he say? Really! You have the Teiam Player T Shirt, where there is an “I” in team and he cannot do anything about it because his motivational skills ain’t even close to “The Gipper” or Lombardi. More like weak sauce if you ask me and Deez Teez.

Next, step, where it under your uni during the game. Who cares if it breaks the rules. Big deal. The ref assesses a technical you flip him off, your T’d up again, and you’re thrown out. Then you rip your jersey off and point at the crowd and point at the shirt and if you’re at home they love you and if you’re on the road they love you. Then, you get into show business, because you’re never gonna make it in the league with that kind of selfish attitude. Where’d you think this was going? The next Lebron?

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