Velociraptor Party T Shirt from Tee Tower

by on February 4, 2012

Ah. What a perfect shirt for this silly political season we are in right now. I simply cannot believe what a shambles the United States political system is in. Along with just about everything else. F’d up I tell you. Wait, of course I can believe it. I’ve always harbored the belief that the whole thing was a sham and politicians were available for the highest bidder, but then I got sucked into the spectacular marketing campaign that was Barack Obama’s presidential run, and voted for him. I got a brutal slap in the face thinking there could be change and hope while still working within the system. What a joke.

Now, if someone would just break out of this bullshit two party system and run under the Velociraptor flag, I smidgen of faith my spring in my stoney political heart. That is why we all must wear th Velociraptor Party T Shirt and get this grassroots campaign rockin’ immediately. Forget about the elephant and the donkey. They’re dead and rotting corpses.

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