Top Gun Teddy Bear Take Me to Bed or Lose Me Forever T Shirt

by on January 16, 2011

This is cute with a touch of slutty. Actually, that’s too strong, maybe it is just innuendo. Cute with a chance of innuendo. I mean this Take me to Bed or Lose Me Forever T Shirt does has a teddy bear on it, which makes it pretty innocent, because that’s what you do. Take the teddy bear to bed or else the dog “retrieves” it, slobbers all over it, rips it, and buries it behind the oleanders in the back yard at which point you have pretty much lost poor teddy forever.

Then again, Snorg Tees may have just added the teddy bear just to mask the salacious message they really wanted to put out there. Give me some hot, nasty lovin’ or I’m packing up and shackin’ up with some tatoo-sleeve nympho. Could go either way here.

Oh, and, of course, this is a reference to Meg Ryan yelling at Goose in Top Gun:

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