Team Conan Tshirt

by on January 24, 2010

Who gives a shit? Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien. Who’s the bad guy? Who dissed who? Is NBC dead? Did NBC cook this whole controversy up? Is Conan going to Fox? It’s late night network TV…it’s dead. No one cares.
Anyways, the two funniest things I can think of about these two guys aside from the oversized pompadour and the oversized chin is Jay’s denim out-on-the-town wardrope and Conan falling on his ass in some cooked  race with Desperate Housewives actor, Teri Hatcher. Now, that’s good stuff.

Of course, if you follow this stuff and think Conan got hosed and want to run Jay over with one of his 89 cars, you should probably pull out the wallet and get the best Conan support shirt that exists today: Team Conan Tee.

Snorg Tees on top of the funny and not so funny in pop culture. You decide.

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