Team Coco: Tokyo Sandblaster T Shirt

by on January 4, 2011

Cable has Standards and Practices and there’s a two inch binder of restrictions. Slang terms for the male genitals. Penis, Sir dangles, manaconda, bananamal, the one-legged pigeon, the super soaker. And for breasts: bazangas, habbada habbadas, mahoba hobawitzes, oompa loompas, scoliosis twins. And sexual positions slang: taking grandma to Applebees, decorating the lady cake, Tokyo sandblaster.

I’m sure if it wasn’t already before this show aired, it is now the most ghastly sexual position/move in existence. Worse than the Cleveland Steamer, the Donkey Punch, Dirty Sanchez, Rusty Trombone…I’d be lying if I said I knew any more or if I knew what any of these meant. I’m totally four square with the gospel. Missionary position only and only when it’s time to make babies.

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Here’s the TBS episode in question:

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