Taylor Swift Wrote a Song About My Dick T Shirt

by on January 17, 2013


Get this Shirt from Tshirt Hell

And she hasn’t even seen it. It’s something she’s just heard about within her circle of friends, which includes Hollywood starlets and fellow lovely singers, and models. And all the other super rich, super hot women you can think of. Now, don’t get me wrong…I haven’t been with all of them. Just a few…dozen in fact, but news travels fast with the rich vixens because if you think about it, between the kick boxing class in the morning, the 8-ball in the afternoon, and the mani-pedi at 4 pm, there isn’t a whole helluva lot to do except gab with rich girlfriends.

Thus, news about my member has traveled far and wide and is, in fact, lovingly mythologized in Taylor Swift’s latest song.

Of course, you know the game telephone? I think a similar denigration of the truth has happened in this instance, because it’s definitely not as thin as a mechanical pencil and short as a chapstick. And, yes, I have more experience than sweating on the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

You gotta believe me.

Here’s the song. Knives and swords. Get it?

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