Tasty Pig Cuts T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 23, 2012

Let me go through this diagram with you, in case the image is too small for you to read without strain. The snout is awesome. The ear is mmm. Shoulder is tasty. Haunch is yum. And the leg is yum yum. Back is delectable. The ribs are delicious. The is upper belly is MMMHHMM. And the lower belly is heavenly. The rump is om nom nom. And the back haunch is so good.

I may not have named all the parts properly but it’s been a good long while since I last stepped foot in a butcher’s half-day hands on workshop. So, I’m a little rusty. Really rusty. Doesn’t matter.

Tasty Pig Cuts T Shirt is the thing you need to fill that void in your corroded soul. You need something daily: drugs, entertainment, sex, fudgecicles, and pig tees. Why not get a pig tee with some class, dignity, humor and easy grace. Lord knows all that other shit you’re doing is debased.

Snorg Tees helps you get through the night with their ingenious designs.

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