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Zombie T Shirts: Not sure why zombies are so huge in the culture other than the fact that everybody feels like with the world economy as it is, the Apocalypse is upon us. What better way to deal with these fears than design, print, and wear zombie tees?

If you have seen the funny zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead, you know that the Winchester Tavern in Crouch End London is headquarters for Shaun. I, of course, have not seen the movie, because even as a spoof, I can’t stand to see blood, guts, and gore. Makes me quesy and gives me bad dreams and cry like a four-year-old. But, that’s not to say you don’t love the movie, because you do, and you’re clamouring for this Winchester Tavern T Shirt. Right?

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I like this little promotion Snorg Tees is doing for the month of May. 10% off your order if at least on of the shirts you get is a zombie shirt. Just be sure to use the code: ZOMBIEZOMBIE10 and you’ll get your discount.

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This song and video has inspired quite a few funny t shirts because it’s so powerful. The burgeoning love story between the letter jacket wearing Jackson and the bobby sox, skirted young thing. He gave her a ring just to be his girl. Then he wants to bring up that he’s a little different than other guys. Be he decides to bring it up on a full moon night and the clouds move away from the moon and whammo. But, actually, they’re just watching a movie, except that it was Michael in the movie, but really he’s just watching the movie with his girl. But, it’s too scary for her. So, she leaves, he follows then proceeds to try to scare her with a scary song as they walk home.

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Undead Gamer T Shirt

by on April 17, 2011

Hey, who says you have to give up gaming when you die or even when you become part of the undead masses. You obviously do not, consider this shirt is a real photograph, taken of a real undead gamer. This is proof so go ahead and keep up your skills as long as you can because the after life or the undead life is also all about improving your skills and kicking ass.

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This is funny. It’s a Zombie Food Pyramid T Shirt and all it is brains. A varied diet is overrated anyway. If a certain food is best for your blood type and cultural heritage, eat it…a lot. Brains happen to be the perfect food for zombies so they should eat it every chance they get. It’s good for them. Forget being a foodie and trying to “broaden your horizons” and “try new things” and get all the colors of the rainbow in your diet. Just eat what’s best for you. Look dogs eat the same kibble their entire lives with an occasional heal of bread, or scrambled eggs that were left on the table since breakfast. And they’re good. Super healthy and live to be like 900 in dog years. Yep. Every one of them. Ever since dogs were invented, they have lived into their 900s. No exception. If you think your dog died early in its life in that you’re wrong. The humane society lied to you about its age.

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Man, you know the zombies have infiltrated all of your town, when the crosswalk lights are infected with decomposing hand for the stop walking signal, and arms out in front, stiff walk for the go ahead and walk across the street signal. If you see that you have to run. Run to your car. Hop in and drive for 18 hours straight. Go west, east, north, or south. I don’t care just get out of your town because it is officially over there.

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Rubber duckie you’re so fine. Rubber duckie please be mine. I think I had a nightmare like this when I was three. The evil Bert and Ernie. I think they ended up doing unspeakable things to that poor rubber duck. But, now we have the modernized version with this Zombert & Zernie T Shirt.

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Lot’s of really nice, disgusting detail goin’ on with this Smurf Zombie Blue Horde T Shirt. I’ll break it down for you. First you have our protagonists back to back covering each other and armed to the teeth, but there opposition is formidable because there are still Smurf Zombies coming out of the Earth. Plus, they don’t quit. You have a few still coming at the cute little house, that has been retro-fitted into a bunker, despite being ripped apart at the torso, or losing a head. Lots of guts hanging out. Check out the poor dude puking just behind the house.

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Having been in the t shirt for most of my adult life, which has all been spent in my mother’s basement, I have struggled with what to call shirts that combine a little wordplay with graphic shenanigans. If it’s straight up wordplay that’s what I call it. And, if there’s little misdirection like the picture of a cotton square, but the text says cotton round or even cotton ball (ha ha ha ha), then I go ahead and call that misdirection. But, when you have one like this Food For Thought T Shirt where it’s absolutely crucial you read the words and see the image, and it’s not a misdirection, but more of a word image play.

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Damn. These Venn Diagrams are all over the Internet, especially in the funny t shirt world. I must have seen two or three in the last year. Combine that white hotness with the taking over the world popularity of zombies, aliens and robots and you have a shirt that will probably just internally combust because it is so damn awesome, trend, hot.

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The legend of the undead is a rich mix of scary, painful, horrible, and funny. That’s right, funny stories. I mean moaning, greenish, undead people stompin’ around lookin’ for brains to eat. That has the potential to be hilarious, and some of the best designers in the business have tapped into that dark humor. Don’t believe me? I dare you to go check out the best Funny Zombie T Shirts the world wide web has to offer.

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Eternal Exercise T Shirt

Of course Glennz drops the best Zombie shirt of them all. That’s one durable treadmill, ‘cuz that zombie ain’t ever stopping.

Zombie Food Pyramid  T Shirt


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