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TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

Obviously a classic Chris Farley SNL skit. Motivational speakers wreaks havoc on the furniture, his pants, and the psyche’s of the two young wayward youths. You really don’t want to live in a van down by the river simply because the bathroom situation is often a pain. It just isn’t convenient to always be in search of a toilet.

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Team Conan Tshirt

by on January 24, 2010

Who gives a shit? Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien. Who’s the bad guy? Who dissed who? Is NBC dead? Did NBC cook this whole controversy up? Is Conan going to Fox? It’s late night network TV…it’s dead. No one cares.
Anyways, the two funniest things I can think of about these two guys aside from the oversized pompadour and the oversized chin is Jay’s denim out-on-the-town wardrope and Conan falling on his ass in some cooked  race with Desperate Housewives actor, Teri Hatcher. Now, that’s good stuff.

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Aaaaah. A fitting tribute to the ultimate upsell salesman, who hit his head on the overhead baggage carrier on a flight and died. Or did he choke on a chicken sandwich? No, that was Mama Cass. I get those two mixed up all the time. Anyway, I miss the man for his grating voice and slick-backed here and of course, his black beard.

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Sweet little mash up. Diff’rent Strokes and the Lord of the Rings. Gary Coleman and Elijah Woods. Late-70s and Early 80s with Early 00s. Very clever and satisfying combo that you would never think would go well together. I simply love those happy accidents.

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reunited-patrick-swayze-chris-farley-chippendales-tshirtIt’s so sad to see Mr. Road House slip away under the ravages of cancer, but Patrick Swayze will always live in our hearts. And, this shirt acts as a healing salve to our shattered psyche as we think about the reunion of the two dancers, Swayze and Chris Farley, that captured lightening in a bottle with their Chippendale’s routine on Saturday Night Live.

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in-a-van-down-by-the-river-tshirtTalk about inspirational, Farley as motivational speaker, Matt Foley, really poured it on and made the wayward kids sit up and take notice. No way they walk away from the heavy gesticulation, table breaking and sweatiness with anything but resolve to change their ways. No more drugs, lies, cheating, drinking. It’s the straight and narrow or they’ll wind up living in a van down by the river.

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im-on-a-boat-tshirtYou absolutely know you’ve arrived when you’re on a yacht meandering around various glamorous bodies of water. Now, if there’s a rapper dude with dreads and a stove pipe hat with you, then you’ve absolutely taken it to the next level. [check out the I’m on a boat vid]

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thats-what-she-said-tshirtThe all purpose line of hilarity. Admit it. You can’t get enough of the That’s What She Said jokes. In fact, it’s the only reason you watch The Office. The ultimate is when you can get your Mom or Gramma to join in the fun during family gatherings, especially sacred times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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i-made-you-a-camera-phone-tshirtWhat a genuine, kind gesture. Who wouldn’t want to accept such a thoughtful gift painstakingly crafted from lovingly stolen equipment. I’m thinking that 35 millimeter camera is an actual film camera stolen from the fine arts department at the local community college. And, that cellie from the turn of the century was certainly ganked from the front seat of that Taurus in front of the greasy spoon breakfast place. All of which, just makes this duct-taped amalgam even more precious. Accept for god’s sake. Accept the gift. Or at least buy the tshirt: I Made You a Camera Phone.

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Happy Festivus!

You’ve seen the Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” You’ve read the Daniel O’Keefe’s book The Real Festivus. And you know that Festivus is America’s favorite made up holiday and that it is celebrated on December 23.

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Along with the fact that you’re publicly expressing that you think you’re pretty hot shit, you’re also referencing an old TV show that employed questionable characters. I mean actors of questionable character pulling the wool over the American public’s eye with their “wholesome” TV show image. Doing the heavy research that each every post on Tshirt Groove requires, I discovered a few interesting things:

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Ah, the caffeine roller coaster, such wondrous highs, such vicious lows. Excitement and paranoia. You tell me right now, in all honesty, the caffeine is not a drug. Come on right now. Try to explain away your latte habit as simply “delicious beverage consumption.”

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