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TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

No idea what this shirt means. Of course, 36 seconds of Googling and I’m an expert. Who loves technology? Who loves Google? Who loves the modern age when you can pass yourself off as an expert as long as you can cobble together two coherent sentences together about a specific topic. Yay! I do.

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Lost Found T Shirt

by on November 24, 2010

This may have some implication to details in the show that I don’t know about because I never watched it. Like maybe at the end there, they figured out the entire mystery. Something about grizzly bear fart mist seeping out of a cave, knocked people out of their personal time-space continuum, and allowed them to vividly experience life on multiple dimensions. They found the cave, and gaseous animal, and everybody has found their way. They are no longer Lost, they are Found, which this is a Found T Shirt.

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Here’s another variation of that completely classic That’s What She Said line from The Office. You can’t get enough. I can’t get enough. She can’t get enough (TWSS….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). This will live on in infamy for the rest of all of our lives. Whoo hoo. Actually, seems kind of stupid on the surface but if you start doing it with a friend, it’s totally addictive and totally mind blowingly stupid hilarious. Sometimes you need this kind of a blow out in your life. Total goofy, dumb, laugh, cobweb clear out. Do you agree?

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What the Frak T Shirt

by on November 22, 2010

Frak is a substitute for fuck and was first used on television in the Battlestar Galactica series. Now, fark was taken by the ubiquitous “news” website, frick is nice but they probably went back to the drawing board to see if they couldn’t find something just a little bit better, and you know what…I think they did. Frak is nice. Sounds sort of science fictioning. Has a nice strong feel off the tongue. I think they did a heckuva a job. Of course, I’m still using fuck in all for all of my “F” word needs, but maybe frak will come in handy at church or when I’m lurking around the playground.

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Quailman Quail T Shirt

by on November 15, 2010

Doug was a cartoon featuring Doug Funnie and his dog, and one time he wore a quailman costume that included a belt for the little thingie on the top of a quails head and his underwear on the outside of his pants. Pretty cool costume. Anyway, now we have Snorg Tees tweaking it up a bit with a quail actually wearing the quailman costume, including the underwear on the outside. Kind of funny really, unless of course there are yellow stains on the front and skid marks on the back, then quail isn’t so much ironically funny as he is the laughingstock of the nation, so be sure to check which undies you where on the outside of your quailman costume.

Heck, you don’t even need a costume, when you have the Quailman Quail T Shirt. Just wear that instead. You will totally get all the attention from the opposite sex that you could ever dream of guaranteed.

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Office Space was an awesome movie and Busted Tees knows it. Thus, they bring you the Initech T Shirt, so you will never forget the hilarity and beauty of the movie.

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Why is this dude called the Kool-Aid Man? It’s a pitcher with red dyed soft drink and ice in it. Shouldn’t it be the Kool-Aid Pitcher or I’ll even tack on the “Man” part as long as you make it clear you know this is no ordinary man.

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A little switch up on the He-Man by the Power of Greyskull. Pretty clever. Pretty nice. I like the image on the shirt, a little skull with a yellow hard hat and some lightening. Dude. Don’t mess with electricity, it is very powerful and it can fry your little brains out, or it can turn you into a Master of the Universe. Not sure you want to take that chance. May be safer just to get the Greyskull Power Company T Shirt and wear it often.

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Usual Suspects T Shirt

by on November 8, 2010

Can you name all these corporate marketing characters. I’ll tell you what they are all guilty of…peddling crap food. Wow, did I just get up on my high horse that just stepped up on the soap box or what. Actually, I don’t even know if I can name all these characters without the help of the Internet. Let me try:

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Holy dog, that’s some serious comedy power in that image on this shirt. David Cross and Will Arnett. I’m on board just because of that doubled fisted power punch of humor. Roll into the mix Jason Bateman, and what we’re talking about is a show with staying power. Oh, my bad it was only on the air from 2003 to 2006. Nevermind about the staying power thing.

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Get Il T Shirt

by on November 4, 2010

This is some good wordplay slash political jokestry. Kim Jong Il was the Grand Poobah of North Korea, until he died six years ago. Of course, his estate has played this charade with look alikes and grand statements from his office, trying to make it seem like he’s still alive, so that his horrible, despotic regime can remain intact. Some day people will probably figure out that he’s dead and that they should storm the castle, maim those that have pledged allegiance to Il’s illin’ ways, and institute a free democracy that will slowly devolve into some horrible dictatorship or even worse a country where money is power, the election and legislation systems are rigged, and the top l% get obscenely wealthy, while everybody else continues to drop into the depths of financial hell. Oh wait, that’s the US. Nevermind. Anyway…

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Hey you know you love the Simpsons. You know you love baseball. You know you love Springfield. You know you love the AA baseball team from Springfield as seen on the Simpsons. With all of that love there is no way you’re going to be able to keep yourself from purchasing the Springfield Isotopes T Shirt.

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