TV Tshirts

TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

You’re not a commie are you? If you’re not you’ll buy the Re-elect Adam West for Quahog Mayor T Shirt because it’s the American thing to do. You do know who Adam West is…right? You do know where Quahog is…or am I just assuming?

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Good Lord…another deal I have to research because I don’t play video games. Apparently, Mario just got his plunger (he’s a plumber you know) stolen by some robot/droid deal named Dalek and he’s trying to get it back. Okay, 27 seconds of research and I discover this is a mashup of the Super Mario game and there’s a group of robots in Dr. Who called Daleks, and they sort of look like they have one plunger sticking out of the front of them, so it’s only natural that a Dalek would try to steal a plunger from Mario to have a set.

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Nice wordplay and corresponding image here. The Cardassians are a race in Star Trek…the Cardassian Union, and they have the jacked up faces you see on the corresponding Kardashians on this Keeping Up With the Cardassians T Shirt. I love that somebody made this connection, because I think the Kardashians are an alien sort of family…a new breed that has infiltrated earth with no talent except to be related to a sister that has a plump ass (hey look Cardassians has the word “ass” which makes it even that much more cool of a connection). Well, I guess the other talent these folks have is figuring out how to leverage Kim’s ass into relationships with professional athletes and a reality TV show, both of which bring money into the family coffers.

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I thought this was the SS Enterprise at first, but upon closer inspection, I noticed it was the spacecraft Serenity from the space Western TV show Firefly. This is where Tshirt Bordello got the idea to put the flying machine in a jar with air holes punched out, just as a young kid would collect and store fireflies. Pretty cool looking image.

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How badass was Spock. I mean the mental powers and those little pinchy moves to knock you out. Plus, the arched eyebrows and Vulcan ears and throwing the V sign. Dude was totally geeky gangster. So, of course, it’s only natural that the world gets this very fine Treck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself T Shirt, because that kind of OG Leonard Nimoy styley requires it. Yo!

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I had no idea what this meant but Urban Dictionary came through with the explanation:

“An 8-character truncation of the username “Thrillhouse” which occurs when Milhouse Van Houten enters this nickname prior to playing the video game Bonestorm in an episode (3F07) of The Simpsons.”

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Wow. What an unbelievably positive message. Life brings challenges, but if you can face them with a positive attitude, and flip your tie back over your shoulder, and scream at the top of your lungs “bring it on,” and flex your biceps vigorously in that hunched over position, and wear this Challenge Accepted T Shirt, you are going to overcome the challenges. You are going to succeed. Dare I say it…you will be a winner!

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Okay…so the red shirts were characters that showed up in Star Trek for a very brief time before meeting their unseemly demise. Thus, you have this Live Fast Die Red T Shirt. It’s kind of a goofy concept. Why would you need to demarcate those that won’t be in the show longer than that episode. You can’t have a one-and-done character in green? I don’t really get it, but I guess it keeps the viewer informed, so that they don’t grow attached to the character. Because that my friend is a recipe for deep, dark sadness and despair.

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I’ve seen this one before, but it’s still a good offering. Very clever way to portray the title of a very popular TV show. You have the typical weather forecast 7-day forecast with icons, and, of course, for Philadelphia it’s bright sun across the board because It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Get it. Do you get how this It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Weather Forecast T Shirt is using the humor. Clever, eh?

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The Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation has a message for you and they hope to keep you on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, if a critical mass of the nation becomes addicted to drugs, the United States goes down in flames. There is no way to police all of the mayhem that drug-fueled masses would produce.

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First thing I thought when I saw this shirt was “oh, Busted Tees, has started licensing, that’s suprising…oh wait, that’s the Star Wars logo but it says Star Trek. And, then it hit me. We have a misdirection t shirt in our midst. I suggest you buy this Star Trek T Shirt (ha, ha…it just doesn’t do it justice in text) and wear it around and see how many people have spasmodic little cognitive disassociations, and then they’ll get it and laugh and envy you for having such a sweet shirt.

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Harkening back to the real good ol’ times with this Married With Children T Shirt. Apparently, No Ma’am stands for:

National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood. If you believe in the show and the cause, then you should seriously consider purchasing the No Ma’am T Shirt.

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