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TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

The rest of this Star Ewok Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires T Shirt says “Don’t create funeral pyres in the woods. Rebel Alliance Press. Paid for by the Endor Department of Parks and Recreation.”

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My excellent investigation skills have uncovered the origin of this Flanders’ Hot Dogs No Foot Longs T Shirt. Here’s what went down in an episode from 2000: “The Simpsons: Alone Again, Natura-Diddly (#11.14)”.

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This Michael Scott Goodbyes Stink Shirt, of course, references Michael Scott’s last episode on The Office and his little voice recorder message to himself for a t shirt idea “goodbyes stink.” Time for actor Steve Carell to move on.

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This, of course, refers to the Dexter TV show and the protagonist’s proclivity for killing. Wait, can you call a serial killer the protagonist. This world may be coming to a close if the killer is the hero, but maybe I don’t know anything because I’ve never seen the show because my mom doesn’t let me watch it, because the content is too mature (forget the fact that I’m 40).

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Nerd Ears T Shirt

by on May 12, 2011

Spectacularly weird shirt, featuring the distinctive ears of the Vulcan, the Elf, and the Nerd. The humor in this Nerd Ears T Shirt is that the nerd ear in a fake. It’s like a little waxy/plastic prosthetic that they just added to their regular ear to get a little more pointiness, so they can get some attention at Comic Con or their fat uncle’s funeral. If you wear the nerd ears or you just appreciate nerd culture, you surely are inclined to buy this shirt so that you can wear it in all its yellow glory.

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Lots of stuff going on here. It’s a re-creation of the classic scene with Alan Garner played by Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, holding the baby, Carlos, in the sling thingy, and they are both wearing sunglasses. Hilarious. Now, Nerdy Shirts has used and abused their license to print Sesame Street characters by having Cookie Monster holding Tickle Me Elmo in the same front baby pack contraption. I like it. And man those muppets look happy.

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What is going on with this dude. He’s trying way too hard to prove that he loves you while covering up some horrid environmental atrocity that Globo Chem is pulling off. Of course, this Take it From Me I Love You Pit Pat T Shirt is referencing Mr. Show, which is a television program that I watched religiously. Actually, that’s not true because my mom doesn’t let me watch TV. Anyway, Pit Pat is just a little off. The beer gut is creepy instead of cute and cuddly like the Hamburger Helper Hand or Pilsbury Dough Boy. And his messaging sounds like it was written by someone that writes in English as a second language.

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Of course, Smart Tech was the electronics store that Steve Carell’s character, Andy Stitzer, worked in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin, directed by obscure autuer Judd Apatow.

Good movie. Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jane Lynch, Jonah Hill…these are funny people. But, you know that…you’ve seen it five times. It’s one of your favorite. And, you probably already hit the buy button to get the Smart Tech T Shirt because you love the fact that you get the opportunity to own it.

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This shirt captures Charlie at his finest. Nice smile. Crazy eyes. Jacked up cocaine nose. Unruly lock of hair hanging down the forehead. It’s simple and strong and a very good Winning T Shirt that you can wear. And, if you do it will become your mantra and you will begin to win as you have never won before.

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How powerful is your mind, when you convince your body that you have tiger blood and then actually do insanely improbable stuff to your body and still maintain a fit physique, act on the top-rated show, maintain relations with two women at once, be a father, and launch a new career of being crazy, including prime time interviews, speaking engagements, Internet-only funny videos, Twitter, etc.

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We haven’t heard that last of good ol’ Charlie Sheen. He’s loved. He’s hated. He gets standing ovations on stage and he gets booed off the stage. I think he and The Donald should form the next Republican ticket for President. Why not? Although, if I heard Sheen continue on with that crazy bravado bullshit, I’d probably lose my mind. It’s funny for a first go ’round, and maybe twice, but after that I have a feeling I’d really want him to shut it.

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Hey…I’m not giving up on the Charlie Sheen meteor shot yet. He’s still chuggin’ along, grabbing headlines, and staying in the limelight, so I’ll keep updating the  Charlie Sheen T Shirts page. I mean we have the whole police escort thing in D.C. and the high-priced escort in Philly (I made that one up, but there’s still a 62% chance it’s true), and the booing off the stage in Detroit on his Violet Torpedo of Truth tour. He’s still making waves.

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