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Every stoner celebrates 420, and every proud stoner wears a shirt to commemorate the day. So, pay homage to The Dude: Lebowski played by Jeff Bridges and pickup a The Big Lebowski Urban Achievers Lebowski 420 T-shirt. People will flock around you to ask if they could join Lebowski’s Little Urban Achievers, but we know that in reality they just want another toke or a light.

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HEY EVERYONE! Have you ever wanted to be THE DUDE, THE GUY, THE MAN. Remember in High school when there was that guy who never seemed to accomplish anything but seemed like he had the answers to everything and a part of us wanted what he had. Well, Jeff Bridges is that guy in The BIG LEBOWSKI. The Dude has no idea what’s really going on around him. The kind of guy who spends his free time smoking weed and listening to tapes of his own past bowling triumphs on his Walkman, the Dude’s laid-back, pacifistic stance toward life is fully expressed by his two favorite phrases, “Take it easy , man,” and “When something goes wrong, fuck it.”

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The Dude is running for President in 2012! Well, maybe you can’t count on that happening…but you can always be certain that “the dude abides” with this classic Big Lebowski T-shirt.

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Hey, people how would you like to be the laziest man in the world and be known as the GREATEST urban achiever well here you go; THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The Dude (Jeff Bridges), whose real name is Jeff Lebowski and is described as probably the laziest man in Los Angeles County, is beaten up by two goons looking for a multi-millionaire known as the Big Lebowski, whose wife owes their boss money. The fact that the Dude lives in a ramshackle Venice bungalow doesn’t seem to have tipped the thugs off to the fact they have the wrong guy; and what pisses the Dude off the most is that, gratuitously, one of them urinates on his living room rug.

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Has life got you down recently? Are troubles just knocking on your door, over and over, without any sort of break? Even when all you want to do is kick back in your underwear, sip your white russian, and appreciate your floor rug? Hey, it happens. People get beat up, cars get destroyed, and mistakes get made. But you just have to know that, somewhere out there, the Dude abides. And that makes everything just a little bit better, and a little bit sweeter.

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Wow! John Goodman! Finally a shirt for my favorite actor, in probably greatest role. There! That should get the ball rolling. ( Sorry-that one actually took me by surprise.)

I personally think Walter Sobchack got all the best lines-even over Jeff Bridges. This is a nice image-aviator shades and all. A nice way to let everyone know that, in a world of compromise, you still have standards.

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The Dude likes Autobahn. Why wouldn’t you? Autobahn was the fictional German techno-pop band of the nihilists headed by Uli Kunkel. Their album, titled Nagelbett,is German and means nail bed.  The band was a parody of an actual band from the ’70s named Kraftwerk. Autobahn takes its name from one of their albums and the album art in the movie is similar to the real band’s.

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You’re wearing this T Shirt, it’s dark and you’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it. The Blues Brother’s would be proud.

This We’re On a Mission from God T Shirt has the iconic phrase, “We’re on a mission from God” from the original Blues Brothers and nobody is cooler than the Elwood and Jake (played by killer comedians Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi). Plus, everybody will know you’ve got the big man on your side. Don’t be a fat penguin (no offense to the nuns in the audience) and get this shirt so everyone knows your quest isn’t just filled with awesome tunes. It’s divinely ordained.

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The Blues Brothers is already a well known movie because of its funny, random moments and happenings that rarely happen in everyday life. The whole movie is about the Blues brothers, Jake and Elwood, trying to raise money for a closing Catholic orphanage where they grew up at. Throughout the movie, they encounter crazy things like a group of Nazis.

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106 miles to Chicago and we are still wearing sunglasses: Convicts, Criminals, Crusaders, Curse on society…hail all of them for their deeds. Well, how could you do that? But, where there is will, there is a way to go.

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Throw on a nostalgic icon when you throw on this Blues Brothers Jake & Elwood t-shirt. I mean, who doesn’t love this movie about Jake and Elwood, on their “mission from God”? Driving around in their classic car while the “Peter Gun Theme” played in the background, these two troublemakers were always ready to make a scene.

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Tracy Morgan playing Tracy Jordan in the movie plastered on this Tracy Jordan is Who Dat Ninja T shirt. Again, Tracy Morgan is a bit of a polarizing figure right now, so I’m throwing these Tracy Jordan shirts out there to take the temperature of the populace. It’s important you know. The future of comedy entertainment hinges on what you think.

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