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Tshirt Hell is probably the most blatantly offensive tee site on the Net, but you can tell there’s a brain behind all the bustle. Sometimes the designs miss the mark and are just in poor taste, but sometimes they push it just enough to be dangerously hilarious.

You gotta love the retro love of Mister T. Don’t talk to me about the remake. Don’t talk to me about Rampage Jackson. I’m talkin’ about the Mister T appreciation. With the mohawk and gold chains, he was an over-the-top original and the world was a better place because of his work on the A Team and as Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Right? Right!

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The Tshirt Hell rankings have been updated. I’ve added all the new shirts including very important topical material about Jesus, prisoners of thumb war, specific soldiers that are dicks, Sesame Street murder, laundry, politics, penis length, love, and, of course, girl on girl action. Don’t miss these additions.

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Twenty-four seven in the land of moderation with a bottle to the lips. Liver screaming bloody murder. And, your mind in a permanent fog or Gin and Tonics and Sex on the Beach…because you’ve got range. Is this really the life you want to live, the shirt you want to wear, the philosophy you want to embrace. I’m not judging, I just want to make sure your doing your personal accounting and inventory, before you step into this very specific place of alcoholism. And, let’s face it. It works for some people. It becomes them. It completes them. It helps them reach their full potential.

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Not to minimize the plight that suffer from this horrible affliction on the job, on the bus, and at Sunday School, but this is funny. Like certain attentions in one context is something that can get you fired, where in another context it can get you laid and loved. That’s why I think anybody that makes it to the age of 60 with mind and body fairly well intact is a fucking hero. And sophisticated in a certain way.

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Very nice work taking a risque but somewhat culturally accepted topic like friends with benefits, where parts of society are admitting to the need of straight sexual relationships with no strings attached, and accepting that isn’t necessarily a bad thing amongst consenting adults.

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This is such a nice bit of turning the joke on its head and bringing an original laugh to the table. Oh cool stoner humor, that’s pretty funny…oh wait…that’s credit score humor with a tip of the cap to pot comedy. Brilliant. I’m floored. Right? This is how your brain reacted to this tshirt.

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This is code for “I’m having the best time of my life!” And that’s what makes it funny. What’s more funny than people getting together behind your back because they see that you’re out of hand and a danger to self and others with excess drinking, drugs, or American Idol. They hold a little meeting, agree that it’s in your best interest if they band together and let you know in uncertain terms that something has to change or you’re life is about to get a whole lot more messy.

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Arrest the Pope Tshirt

by on April 16, 2010

Yes! Nazi Youth. Blind eye to molestation of children or perhaps even a wink and a nudge and, sorry Bishop Touchy Touch, you’re going to have to be moving to another parish. Too many people starting to suspect your diddling ways.

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flickr: by Neil Rickards

Unless, you’re traveling to Cork, Ireland to perform the sacred ritual of kissing the Blarney Stone you’ll need a funny tshirt specifically for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Being a sophisticated human is pretty difficult sometimes. You want to burn some calories to get what you want, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, lest you look like a complete douche bag. This is why this shirt is so psychologically deep while on the surface looking as sophomoric as a Butthead one liner.

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It looks a lot like the Christian fish on the back of cars and on fancy leather Bible covers, but if you wear this shirt, it’s only because you support our finned friends, not the goofy religion. Bonus points if you were a hardcore Christian for at least a decade of your life, and you wear this in a gathering of your old church chums.

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Talk about a status update. This is a rough way to find out how promiscuous your girlfriend is. In public for all of your other friends to see. Especially, when at least a dozen of those that have thumbed  up the sexy time with your girlfriend are (were) your buddies.

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