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Tshirt Hell is probably the most blatantly offensive tee site on the Net, but you can tell there’s a brain behind all the bustle. Sometimes the designs miss the mark and are just in poor taste, but sometimes they push it just enough to be dangerously hilarious.

True Evolution T-Shirt

by on August 19, 2010

When it comes right down to it, evolution has taken some strange twists and turns. Hard to believe in a way, but not nearly a leap of faith, as say, an omnipotent being getting bored and deciding to create creatures in his own image. Ha Ha. What some people believe. I feel more comfortable in the evolution theory espoused on this True Evolution T Shirt:

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This is one of those cute wordplay type shirts. Angles with halos. Angles and angels are very close in spelling. Probably a huge spelling issue in elementary schools throughout the country not to mention English as a Second Language classes.

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Yet another Hitler tshirt from our horrid friends over at T-Shirt Hell. And, yet again, something that is offensive and makes you laugh that guilty laugh. Yes, Hitler was evil, but in this instance the only thing that makes him evil is adding the evil pointy goatee beard.

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This is one of those make a statement, get people to work up some righteous agreement, then come closer and see that there’s an actual insidious caveat in small print at the bottom of the shirt. What do they do? They are already gave you the high five and celebrated the statement against violence on women, and now they’re on the hook for making some other alternate follow up statement, because the Real Men Don’t Hit Women Who Aren’t Pregnant Tshirt not only doesn’t jive with their ideology, it is absolutely opposed to what they think. In fact, it’s offensive, but to have to make this 180 in the matter of five seconds is awkward.

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Tshirt Hell continues to impress with its absolute disregard for taste. Amazing that they sell the hell out of these tshirts they produce. Who buys this shirt? Where do they wear it. To your Christian Auntie’s house for tea and cookies? To the Wednesday night potluck at the neighborhood Baptist church? To the elementary school play?

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How absurdly offensive is this to Muslims? I’m sure Carrot Top loves it because any publicity is good publicity, especially when you’re on the last creatine-fueled legs of a long, mediocre to poor career. Prop comedy. Give me a fuckin’ break.

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I guess this sort of puts the people voting for English only propositions across the fine United States in their place. Wanna talk about the original language of the land? It certainly wasn’t English. Native American tongues and Spanish I imagine were the words being spoken before Manifest Destiny steam rolled right across the map to the Pacific Ocean.

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Um. Who can wear this? And where? I really don’t know. I guess anybody and everywhere is the answer. You just have to have answers. Like why don’t you like white people. Why did you assume whoever is reading the shirt does not like white people? Should your future white mother and law really know this about you at this point?

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What you have here is a little misdirection, which only really works if the shirt is being worn by an older gentleman. You see, there’s these shitty homemade shirts that older kids make their old parents that feature grandkids and usually say stuff like these are my amazing grandkids or World’s Greatest Grampa.

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Wow. This one hits right in the solar plexus. It is a straight shot and I’m not even sure I should have the “C” word on this site. I mean, this isn’t England, where if you don’t call your best friend a cunt at least 21 times a day, your considered a flaming homosexual.

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This here is another super fantastic tshirt. The good ol’ Statue of Liberty has put on a few LB’s, and it’s easy to see why. Too much fried chicken. Too many desserts. And she never really gets any exercise. Kind of just stands there all the time. There’s probably not a better welcome to Ellis Island for foreigners trying to immigrate her than the super fat Ms. Liberty.

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Hey, from the get I’m going to tell the kids out there that suicide is bad for your health, so think long and hard before you do it, and get some advice from an adult that you trust, like that dude that posts on the Legend of Zelda message board all day. He’s wise. You’ll be in good hands in terms of making the right decision.

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