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Tshirt Hell is probably the most blatantly offensive tee site on the Net, but you can tell there’s a brain behind all the bustle. Sometimes the designs miss the mark and are just in poor taste, but sometimes they push it just enough to be dangerously hilarious.

This is a beautiful sentiment. It doesn’t matter, which frickin party the next President comes from. Doesn’t matter what he promises during the election. Doesn’t matter who he elects to his cabinet. He or she is going to be just as corrupt as the one before. You cannot get into a place to be elected president without a lot of dirty dealing and soul selling .

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This shirt is so good I don’t know what to do with myself. Yeah, it might be a little distasteful, because the US and friends have been on a tear just killin’ the shit out of terrorists and dictators, which might not be quite the road we really want to go down in terms of bloodlust and powers-that-be choosing who’s arbitrarily dying, but…it’s funny when the next on the hitlist is a shitty Canadian teeny bopper phenomenon like Justin Bieber.

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It’s weird to root for someone to die, but this Osama Bin Laden dude has been a pain in the ass of the United States and many around the world for many, many years. He was a bit of a sociopath and a menace to society, so it’s good to hear he’s gone.

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Vagina Fanboy T Shirt

by on February 27, 2011

I like this shirt. Why should fanboys only be partial to geeky things like Apple computers, or movies like Star Wars, or bands like Animal Collective, or whatever nerdy shit has a pack of fans that are boys. Why not go in a little different direction and capture those unique boys that are geeky enough to be considered fanboys, but manly enough to love the Vadge.

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Hey, if you want to make a statement on Saint Patty’s Day this is the shirt to do it. Most of the tees designed for this holiday are about loving the Irish and drinking to extreme merriment, and corned beef and cabbage, so maybe it’s good for at least some of us to keep it real, and remember that the Irish can be real bastards for the same reason they can be awesome. They’re tenaciously drunk, and they don’t back down. Of course, this is a wide and broad and sweeping and maybe even swooping generalization, but sometimes you gotta do it to tell the truth or in this case, sell a Fuck You You’re Irish T Shirt.

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In typical T Shirt Hell style, you can now take advantage of the “T-Shirt Hell’s ‘Only 10% Off? That Sucks!’ Christmas Sale” now through November 28. That’s right, you only have a couple days to save a miserably small amount on the entire T Shirt Hell catalog.

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The cabbage is mad and the tomato is sweating it out looking a little sad and unhappy that the cutting board is his fate. Of course, being from Milwaukee, I’m a little sensitive to the whole eating people thing because of that Jeffrey Dahmer deal about 20 years ago. Can you believe that dude had a 13-year run of killing, necrophilia and cannibalism. He got his at the correctional institute where he was beaten to death, but back to the Vegetables Have Feelings too Eat People T Shirt.

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Douche Baggins T Shirt

by on October 28, 2010

This is a straight up slap in the face to the good fun-loving Jersey Shore folk. It’s a bit of cultural commentary that compares these fine people and their unique style to short fictional characters with hairy fat feet. You can see the resemblance to DJ Pauly D in the gelled up douche hair, the douche shades, the douche hand gestures, the douche pursed lips, and the douche pinky ring. The only thing that is really missing is the tan. On this Douche Baggins T Shirt our hero needs more tan.

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Here’s one for the liberal or sane in your. These three certainly participate in the theater of the absurd, but all perform supremely sophisticated marketing of themselves, which is why each is filthy rich, has a filthy amount of die hard fans, and actually show up on a random shirt from T Shirt Hell.

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This is terribly racist or xenophobic or something. It actually took me a second, so maybe you need a second. I’ve actually had a few bikes stolen myself, and I’m pretty sure diversity was the culprit as well. Yeah, they’re saying that minorities steal bikes. Awful isn’t it. But, somehow it’s true in Sunshine’s case and it is true in my case. The whole deal behind T Shirt Hell is to be over-the-top offensive to get a reaction but also to get you thinking.

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This is a man emulated by many strong, great people (I.e. Martin Luther King). This is a man, who led a peaceful revolt against the oppression of Great Britain. This a man with a great big huge set of brass cajones despite his small stature, which is why it’s not hard to think that maybe as he was doing his daily meditation, sometimes his mind wandered.

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Another terrible, terrible t shirt from Tshirt Hell, but you know what? You can see that there’s a real softy underneath all that offensive bluster. I mean Sunshine Megatron is putting a big pink ribbon on a tshirt and mentioning Breast Cancer, so even if he says he’s not into it, and even though he’s hiding behind an obscene joke, he really is building awareness. His site gets millions of visitors. Thousands will buy and wear this I’m Not Into Breast Cancer Awareness I Just Support Huge Tits T Shirt.

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