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Tshirt Bordello specializes in horror, beer, movie, gamer mashups. Odd combinations I know, but the end result is pretty cool designs.

Nice little mashup of the classic game Space Invaders and the Empire Strikes Back movie from the Star Wars series. They’re coming at your base with all of the space craft from the evil empire. Of course, they kept one space alien character up there to make it authentic. Also, do you see the Death Star on top. That’s funny.

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Nerdcore T Shirt

by on July 24, 2011

This Nerdcore T Shirt is awesome, featuring a skull wearing nerd glasses with tape on the nose bridge. Plus, the old school controllers. What a perfect shirt. The gothic, horror sort of look gives the nerd a whole new feel, like I’m a gamer geek but don’t mess with me.

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The entire contents of this Wright Brothers Nitro Circus T Shirt is as follows:

The Amazing Wright Brothers Nitro Circus. Wilbur and Orville. Incredible Stunts. Loose Women. Flying Machines. What they don’t tell you in the history books. Right? I had no idea that after the Wright Brothers gained notoriety with their flying machine, they parlayed the success into a travelling variety show. What an oversight by the historians. Perhaps they didn’t like the mention of the loose women, so they skipped the entire story altogether. Puritans.

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It’s good to make the distinction between Elf and Elv-ish. It’s a slight but it makes for a profound difference. I have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t even know what this I’m Not an Elf I’m Elvish T Shirt means in the slightest. But, I trust the instincts of Tshirt Bordello implicitly and if they felt moved to make a shirt that says what this shirt says and it’s related to the Lord of the Rings, then I have full confidence that it’s good and means a great deal to those that enjoy LOTR, and gives them much joy and happiness and a richer life.

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Of course, this is a mashup of the college student that got tased and yelled “don’t tase me bro,” for all of Youtube to see, and Star Trek, which featured Phasers as the cool ass future weapon of the time. Like the combo? Then get the Don’t Phase Me Bro T Shirt today. I wonder whatever happened to that dude. He was only expressing dissent for some political stuff and he got pulled out of the auditorium roughly. Ugly scene from the auth-or-i-tays for sure.

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Horrifically gross, but cute all at the same time. It takes some doing to be able to pull that off and T Shirt Bordello does just that with this Eye Heart Brains T Shirt. It’s a transitive pictograph verbalization, which is always a welcome site to these sore eyes. Can ask you to look deep into your soul…Now, let me ask a question. Will you reach deep into your pocket and get the money it will take to buy this tshirt, so that you can have it to keep, and wear, from now until death do you part?

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Dude totally solved the Rubik’s Cube. What a sense of accomplishment Pinhead must have. I could only ever get one side. Never could even fathom how to get all of the sides. Baffling. Celebrate this wonderful feat by getting the Hellraiser Rubik’s Cube T Shirt. You have to celebrate when fellow humans, dead or alive, do something astonishing, because we all win when that happens. Am I right?

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Tshirt Bordello likes the beverage with horror film logo on it. Usually it’s beer, but this particular shout out to Jack Nicholson and The Shining, obviously lent itself to the harder stuff. Like Rum. Like Horror films. Like wordplay. If any of those things fall in your dig it ledger, then you’ll need to buy this Red Rum T Shirt with your hard-earned money right now.

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Hello Zombie T Shirt

by on June 25, 2011

This is a nice little twist on Hello Kitty. I never understood the appeal of Hello Kitty, so this tweak on the nose of the cute by naughty kitty is preferable to me. Do you like Zombies and messing with established cat characters in the cultural consciousness? If yes, you need to purchase Hello Zombie T Shirt right now. I mean this instant. Do it. Go!

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Zombie Hands T Shirt

by on June 23, 2011

This sort of looks like that Janet Jackson Rolling Stone magazine cover where the dude is cupping her breasts, except on this Zombie Hands T Shirt, you have nasty disembodied hands grabbing at the chest of the shirt wearer. Creepy. Weird. Icky. Actually, with a little more research this design by Tshirt Bordello is most likely depicting a zombie hand bra. And, that, my friends, is something you want to wear all over this great wide world of ours.

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Not sure where this started but it’s a bit of an Internet meme. Of course, on the surface it means keep the hand that you slap your hos with strong, so that they know who’s boss and who needs to get paid after every trick. You can’t ever get soft and let shit slide, because it just takes a little crack to blow the whole thing wide open.

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Sure enough you have a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference right here. If you’re a fan of Jules Verne and his classic novel then this Kraken Full Steam Pale Ale T Shirt is a no brainer. If you’re a steam punk you probably also want to own this tee because it speaks to the time that you harken to. If you’re a fan of Pale Ales this shirt is also for you. Now, is there anybody left in the world not covered by those three groups. Doubtful.

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