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Tshirt Bordello specializes in horror, beer, movie, gamer mashups. Odd combinations I know, but the end result is pretty cool designs.

Skeleton Hands T Shirt

by on September 13, 2011

I’m not sure if this skeleton is a female grabbing at its own breast region or if it’s a skeleton coming from behind the wearer of the shirt, sort of like that famous Janet Jackson The Rolling Stone cover. Or is it less sexualized and just a terrorized grasp of the chest. I don’t know but one thing is for certain…this Skeleton Hands T Shirt is a must have for all of you freaks that dig skeletons. Also, a nice option for any Halloween related functions.

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Nice little twist on the Frankenstein legend. First, it’s a common mistake to think that the monster’s name was Frankenstein, when really it was the doctor’s name. Second, why not break up Frankenstein into a team of two. Frank was better with the science: chemistry, biology…figuring out the best recipe for embalming. Stein was the marketer of the duo, which is why you’re now seeing this Dr’s Frank N Steins Embalming Elixir T-Shirt.

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I don’t even play Halo, but still greatly appreciate the multi-layered humor going on here. Let’s start with the sign. It’s a play on words between PWN and pawn shop. Master Chief obtains possession of the stuff because he PWNs you in the game, but he’s unloaded it at a profit at his pawn shop. Very nice. “Best selection of NOOB and lightly used equipment.” Excellent. The universal pawnbrokering symbol of three golden balls is also in there, but with a grenade and two types of guns.

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Another fine shirt recalling the magnificence that was the Firefly TV show as conceived by Joss Whedon. This particular Mudders Milk T Shirt refers to a bar seen in Canton Town on Higgins’ Moon.

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Ah, look at the little Tribbles. And they’re healthy too, because they were raised on Organic Quadrotriticale. If you watch Star Trek feverishly…I mean religiously, then you know what in the hell this means, and you love it, and the Cyrano Jones’ Tribble Farms T Shirt is probably already on its way to your home because you’ve already clicked the buy now button. And that’s awesome. If you’re not a Star Trek fan, then that expert in Tribble husbandry is a little creepy and those hairly little rolly polly things are recalling the smell in the monkey building at the zoo.

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I always get confused with Alien from 1979 and its sequel Aliens from 1986. Especially since I’ve never seen the movies. It makes it hard to keep track of which is which. I believe this Powerloader 5000 T Shirt is from Aliens with Sigourney Weaver calling the alien a bitch and fighting it while in this human controlled robotic arm machine thing.

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Obviously a nice little play on the Serenity spaceship in the TV show Firefly, the show developed by Joss Whedon. The word Serenity, of course, brings to mind the calming effects of a little tea. Although, I would have picked a soothing herbal blend rather than a green, which naturally has a hint of caffeine, but the association is still nice and the art on the Serenity Brand Green Tea T shirt is beautiful, especially that origami spaceship.

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Sticky Bomb T Shirt

by on August 4, 2011

Of course, I don’t know what the hell a sticky bomb is, so I look it up and I find that it’s an desperate anti-tank bomb the British were slapping together with duct tape and nitroglycerine or some such craziness. You had to pull a pin, stick it to the tank and run.

Tom Hanks has a nice conversation with the troops about a sticky bomb in Saving Private Ryan. And, of course, you have the sticky bomb in different variations in the gamer world. I see them in Halo 2, Grand Theft Auto and Terraria/World of Warcraft, but this particular sticky bomb t shirt seems to be referencing a plasma grenade from Halo 3.

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Cave Johnson is CEO of Aperture Science and he has not so standard views of how to deal with life’s issues. Of course, this Lemon Grenade T Shirt features a quote from a character from the game Portal 2. I act like I totally knew this because it was obvious, but really I had to search it, and found a little meme info here. Apparently there’s a famous speech, which you can see below, which launched this particuluar meme.

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This Homicider T Shirt has some subtleties that you might appreciate if you’re a horror fan…specifically a Friday the 13th fan. Ha ha…I just wrote the words “subtleties” and “Friday the 13th” in the same sentence. I’m feeling wild and crazy, but tell me if I’m wrong. Here are the details:

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Nothing more American than Mickey Mouse. Nothing more communist than Chairman Mao. Combine them in a modern day mashup and you have a very peculiar little Mickey Mao T Shirt with Chairman Mao sporting a Mickey Mouse ears hat. Of course, you never know the strange pecadilloes those old world leaders with too much power develop over the years. I mean think about Kim Jong Il as accurately portrayed in Team USA. Case and point.

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Got to get your thoughts straight on the 2012 election sooner than later. Why not soak in the message of this Cthulhu Dagon 2012 T Shirt. It’s deep. I mean think about “Why Vote for a Lesser Evil?” for a minute or 20. It’s pure unadulterated truth. The kind of stuff that can cut a little bit. It can hurt as it re-structures the nueral pathways in your brain.

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